Namaste, Welcome!

This is my home on the internet. It's small and comfortable, the two words that are never used to describe me.

The Teapot Conspiracy is my passion, my love. Some fabulous women writers have written about the twists and turns in relationships between Indian women and men. I believe it is time for a man's point of view. Specifically, this man's point of view.

Writing Sample: My First Brush With Hodgkins - what some kids describe as crisis memoir or narrative non-fiction and some other kids use words like confessionalism, autopathography and creative non-fiction. This thirty-something kid calls it my what-I-did-last-summer-essay.

Want to Publish? - I read somewhere that writing is hard work and publishing is back-breaking work! To provide lumbar support for other aspiring writers here is a collection of useful links.

Write to me - about anything writing, publishing, meditation, whatever...